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Slashback! The Screen’s First Slasher Santa Claus — TO ALL A GOODNIGHT (1980)

Nothing suits an old-school slasher flick better than a holiday or other significant calendar event, and since HALLOWEEN and FRIDAY THE 13TH were already spoken for by 1980, producers turned their sights back to Christmas — already prime fodder for body-count horror since Bob Clark’s seminal 1974 classic BLACK CHRISTMAS, and later the setting for […]

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Macaulay Culkin Hasn’t Forgotten HOME ALONE… and Someone’s Gonna Pay in Blood

If you consider HOME ALONE a yuletide viewing tradition at your house, then this 5-minute “sequel” will definitely create some new holiday memories for you… because you’ll never forget what you’re about to see. Macaulay Culkin himself plays the adult version of little Kevin McCallister in the premiere episode of :DRYVRS, a new web series […]


The Awesomely Twisted Films of Frank Henenlotter

To know Frank Henenlotter is to love him. If you consider yourself to have a love of horror movies, a slightly twisted sense of humor, and a deep abiding love of all things grindhouse, then Frank Henenlotter is a filmmaker you must become instantly intimate with (and if you read that to be sexual, I’m […]

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Five Reasons Eli Roth Needs to Make THANKSGIVING

[Warning: NSFW content ahead!] Even horror fans who felt the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino double feature GRINDHOUSE was a hit-and-miss exercise, there was almost universal praise for the mock trailers interspersed between the features PLANET TERROR and DEATH PROOF — all lovingly detailed, hilarious homages to low-budget exploitation oddities from famed directors like Edgar Wright (DON’T! ) […]


Slashback! 1980’s THE BOOGEYMAN is Gonna Getcha!

Pity the poor, misunderstood slasher flick: even during its lucrative box-office peak in the early ‘80s, it was still considered the bastard child of horror, and a common target of critical venom from critics who scapegoated the slasher as an example of horror’s decline into crass exploitation and cultural irrelevance. It was hated so much, […]

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The 13 Scariest Heavy Metal Album Covers [NSFW]

Since the dawn of rock and roll, there have been detractors who heard the devil in the music. Years later the offshoot “heavy metal” began to take shape and officially embraced the idea of horror in popular music, featuring disturbing lyrics, confrontational themes and Grand Guignol album covers that many well-intentioned parents wouldn’t even allow […]

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First Annual FOUR STATE SLASHER CON is Coming Soon!

An explosive celebration of extreme horror, music and more will be taking over Virginia this month, with an impressive lineup of celebrity guests, tons of horror-themed bands, incredibly twisted films, and plenty more scary (and sexy) surprises. There are lots of horror conventions worldwide this time of year, but this one is the first of […]