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Eight Important Lessons I Learned From Watching GHOULIES II

Most horror fans would agree that GREMLINS and CRITTERS are among the most beloved pint-sized puppet monsters to ever grace the big screen. While I love those movies along with some of the sequels, I’ve always been a big fan of their often overlooked counterparts, the GHOULIES, as well. For starters, GHOULIES has the best name […]

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Oof! 5 Horrifying Movie Deaths While On The Toilet

Well… They say, when ya gotta go, you’ve got to go. But if you have to go, does it have to be while on the toilet?! Sadly for some movie victims, they don’t have a choice. I can think of no worse fate than having to expire while in the middle of peeing or pooping. […]


EXCLUSIVE: Margaret Cho Joins The Cast of William Butler’s HELLSTORM

William Butler is no stranger to genre films. For most of us that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, we recognize him from in front of the camera, usually falling victim to either Leatherface or Jason Voorhees or even the Ghoulies, but over the course of his career, he’s also managed to do a […]