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Is This Texas Bridge Haunted by Murderous Monkeys?

In Henderson County, Texas, near the small town of Athens, a certain railway bridge has picked up a creepy nickname among locals: Monkey Bridge. The history behind it is even creepier than the name itself: according to local lore, the derailment of a circus train in the 1960s freed dozens of monkeys from their cages, and […]


Chilling Footage Reportedly Captures Paranormal Activity in Missouri Museum

The Clay County Historical Museum in Liberty, Missouri seems like the ideal site to hunt for ghosts and other paranormal phenomena: the landmark building, built in the 1950s, once housed the offices of Dr. William H. Goodson, and it’s likely that many seriously ill people passed through its doors back in the day. Now, according […]


Taxi Drivers Report Picking Up Ghosts of Japan’s 2011 Tsunami Victims

Several taxicab drivers throughout the coastal town of Ishinomaki in northeast Japan are reporting something terrifying. According to news agency Asahi Shimbun, at least seven different cabbies have told almost exactly the same story: after picking up certain passengers in Ishinomaki, the drivers claim that these clients responded very strangely when asked for their destination… […]


If You Stop Building, You Will Die: The True Story of the Winchester Mystery House

This vast mansion is a labyrinth of hallways that lead to nowhere, staircases that end abruptly at the ceiling, and some of the doors lead to a sudden drop-off on to the floor below. The Winchester House of San Jose, California is a home built without a plan. Construction on this modest residence began in […]


The Lunatics, Convicts, and Ghosts of New York City’s Roosevelt Island

A tall chain link fence is meant to keep the curious out, but it doesn’t always work. Within its confines are the stone walls of a building that is slowly crumbling to the ground, but still holding on to the ghosts of its past. Those who have dared to enter share the same stories of […]


Burned Alive!: The Ghosts of the Ohio State Penitentiary

You wouldn’t know this place had such a horrific past by looking at it now. The location in Columbus, Ohio is now the site of fancy restaurants, trendy shopping, and condos, but this was the final resting place for some of Ohio’s most vicious criminals. Even though it’s been torn to the ground, the ghosts of […]


A Clown! A Ghost! Here’s Two 15 Second Scares From Clint Carney!

Here at, we love showcasing horror art, and we also love showcasing horror shorts. Last month, we had a chat with Clint Carney, a well established Los Angeles based “dark artist” who also fronts the band System Syn. He also happens to be a writer and filmmaker. And one of the pieces we discussed […]


This Vintage Chair May Carry a Deadly Curse

At the turn of the century, a forger named Daniel Awety bought a rural property in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. His son-in-law, Thomas Busby, joined him in his illicit business. Busby was allegedly a bully, and stumbled home from the pub to find Awety seated in his favorite chair. The two argued, and Awety threatened to […]