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Celebrating SCREAM 2’s 20 Year Anniversary

20 years ago teens and 20-somethings were privy to the arrival of SCREAM 2, a highly anticipated follow up to Wes Craven’s slasher rejuvenator, SCREAM. While many fans held a little skepticism about such a timely turnaround for the franchise, those who truly fell in love with SCREAM were more than happy to take a […]


Five Unlikely Couples Found In These Unbelievable Horror Fan Fiction Recommendations!

Horror is a genre that allows filmmakers’ imaginations to run wild, concocting bombastic grotesqueries that viewers could never even dream of. But there’s one place where the audience can turn the tables and invent stories so wickedly gruesome that even horror directors have to bow down to their terrifying skill: romantic horror fan fiction. If […]

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Check Out the Twelve Creepiest (and Coolest) ReAction Horror Figures!

Towards the end of last year, Funko announced that the company ended its partnership with fellow collectible creators Super 7 in the creation of ReAction figures, leaving the latter to continue the line on its own. These smaller figures took stylistic inspiration from toys of the ’70s and ’80s, but covered a huge number of […]


Check Out These Collectible Horror Pins From BUTCHOVISION!

Collectibles are the kryptonite of the nerd and geek kingdom, and perhaps in the crux of it all (save for the poor wallets of the comic book fans) are horror fanatics. You’ll be hard pressed to find any other area of cinema where collectibles are so widely made and available to purchase. For every movie […]


A Letter from SCREAM’s Maureen Prescott to Her Daughter Sidney

Today on, we have a fascinating piece of creative writing from author Stephen Graham Jones, a letter from the SCREAM movie character Maureen Prescott to her daughter Sidney just hours before her birth.      February 22nd, 1980 Sweet child— Your father’s out in the hallway of the hospital, pacing. When he hugged me earlier, […]


Is The TV “SLASHER” Revival Already Over?

Of all the sub-genres within the horror world, the “slasher” is definitely one of the most intriguing and appealing to a young, budding horror fan; if anything, because of the simplicity in its formula. Whereas some of the bigger studio fare like THE EXORCIST or POLTERGEIST or THE CHANGELING focused on well-crafted supernatural stories, and Universal […]

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Ghostface Vs The Fisherman! Who Was YOUR Favorite 90’s “Slasher” Icon?

When it comes to analyzing the horror “slasher” cycle that came in the late ’90s, the undisputed champ has to be Wes Craven’s genre defining 1996 classic SCREAM. Amazing, when you think that Craven managed to redefine 3 different decades of horror with a single film. But in the wake of SCREAM came, of course, […]


Artist Redesigns Horror Icons for Awesome Custom Toy Line

We are living in truly blessed times as horror fans who also happen to collect toys, but no matter how many different licenses companies like NECA and Mezco scoop up, the reality is that MANY of our favorite movies will never make the leap to the toy shelf. And that’s where customizers take over. When […]


THE FINAL CHAPTER: When Horror Franchises Call It Quits

On this week’s Killer POV episode, aptly titled “The Final Chapter,” we delved into a discussion about the final films in various horror franchises. What constitutes the “final” film? FRIDAY THE 13th, for example, is a curious beast. Technically, they named Part 4 “THE FINAL CHAPTER.” But that was followed up by “A NEW BEGINNING.” […]


MTV’s SCREAM TV Series Comes To DVD This Spring!

SCREAM season 2 is scheduled to begin airing on MTV on April 20th this year, but if you haven’t had your chance to catch up on the hit series, it was announced today that the DVD of “The Complete First Season” will arrive on May 10th courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment and Dimension TV. The […]


Blood in the Forecast: Horror Movie Snow Globes!

Snow globes are undoubtedly more synonymous with Christmastime, grandma’s house, and cheerful tidings than they are horror movies, so you probably wouldn’t expect those two very different things to come together all that often – if ever. But sometimes, wonderful and magical things happen out there in the world. And horror movie snow globes, you […]


Character Showdown – Who’s Your Favorite Scary Ghostface?

I wanted to do something a little different with “Character Showdown” this week. So far, each week we’ve been looking at various actors all tackling the same iconic role and comparing the differences. This week, I wanted to take a look at the SCREAM franchise, whose villain affectionately known as “Ghostface,” has always been a […]


You Are Probably Watching the SCREAM Movies Wrong

There’s something we don’t talk about when we talk about SCREAM, and we sure do seem to talk about SCREAM a lot, don’t we? (And be warned: we’re about to talk about SPOILERS.) Originally released in 1996, the slasher classic from late horror maestro Wes Craven has since developed a long-standing reputation based on its clever twist […]