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First Trailer for GHOSTBUSTERS Released and Here’s Your First Look at the New Slimer

Director Paul Feig: “It was important to capture the heart of what we loved about the original but also bring something new.”

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“What About the Twinkie?” Hostess Teases GHOSTBUSTERS “Key Lime Slime” Limited Edition

In case you’re wondering what the hell I’m talking about, please refer to one of many classic exchanges from the original 1984 GHOSTBUSTERS: EGON: Let’s say this Twinkie represents the normal amount of psychokinetic energy in the New York area. Based on this morning’s sample, it would be a Twinkie thirty-five feet long, weighing approximately […]

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VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Overlooked Gems Of Horror Soundtracks

If you’re a regular visitor here on the site, then you’d probably know how much I love music and soundtracks, particularly to horror movies. But looking beyond traditional scores, if there’s one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s a catchy pop theme song or ballad! If it somehow features the title of the movie as […]

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Creepy Fun: 5 Frightening Ghosts in “Family” Movies

In film, there is a common occurrence in which a fun, exciting, family movie will for a brief moment or two scare the living crap out of everyone watching. That bit in GREMLINS when Lynn Peltzer battles a gremlin in the kitchen is maybe the best-known example of this kind of thing. That scene is more […]

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SPAWN, PREDATOR and HELLRAISER Return! This Week’s Horror News Rundown

Horror fans have more experience than most with the concept of resurrection. It seems to happen all of the danged time in our stories so most of us have been mentally preparing our whole lives to fend off those undead bastards when they get here. But sometimes we actually want the dead to come back, don’t […]

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Saturday Night Live Nails What A Test Screening Is Really Like

Well, this looks pretty familiar. A lot of times, when new horror movies come out, studios will often host advance sneak peek screenings, film the audience reactions and use them as part of the commercials, trailers and promotional materials. You may recognize these kinds of promo clips from those little PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movies we do. On […]

Meet the Staff: 10 Questions With VP of Digital Content Wilson Garrett

Our ongoing series of interviews with the Blumhouse crew continues, in which we share our collective passion for all things scary, discuss our personal and career histories in the genre we all know and love, reveal our favorite films, and maybe even share a few spooky stories. Today we sit down for a Q&A with Wilson […]

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DOOM Lives, THE STAND Dies and MANOS RETURNS – This Week’s Horror News Rundown

The future of your favorite horror franchises just got weirder. This week on the Horror News Rundown, we’re taking a look at long-awaited video games that are finally seeing the light of day, long-awaited films that just got shoved back into development hell, a video game film about a giant wolfman and the sequel to […]


The 10 Coolest Horror Toys Coming in 2016

As we highlighted here on Blumhouse last week, 2015 brought some pretty awesome horror toys into our collections. Thanks to companies like NECA and Funko, there has truly never been a better time to be a horror fan who collects toys – you’re never too old! – and one thing is certain when looking ahead […]


GHOSTBUSTERS Actor Dies at Age 78

David Margulies passed away yesterday according to his agent, Harry Abrams. Though Margulies had a long acting career including a reoccurring role on THE SOPRANOS, horror fans will remember him most fondly as the iconic Mayor in GHOSTBUSTERS and GHOSTBUSTERS 2. Additionally, Margulies was in De Palma’s thrilling shocker film DRESSED TO KILL. RIP, Mayor […]

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Netflix Shows, Rob Zombie’s Woes and… a Glowing Ninja Shark? This Week’s Horror News Rundown

It may be hard to believe, what with all the killer Santas running around lately, but even horror lovers sometimes take Christmas off. And so do their publicists, apparently, because the week preceding December 25, 2015 has been a barren wasteland, devoid of major horror news. But don’t worry, we scoured the internet like […]

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The New GHOSTBUSTERS, ALIEN, CONJURING 2, and More: This Week’s Horror News Rundown

Every week the internet overflows with news, updates and unusual stories from the weird, wild world of horror entertainment. You don’t have time to follow it all, or at the very least we think you shouldn’t have to. In our new weekly series at Blumhouse, we’re cutting out the clutter and revealing the ten news […]


Behold the First Official New GHOSTBUSTERS Cast Photo!

Proton packs fully charged, the new GHOSTBUSTERS team is ready to kick some ectoplasmic ass… and now we have photographic evidence to prove it! While director Paul Feig has previously offered fans some excellent behind-the-scenes sneaks of the cast, their uniforms and gear (even the new ECTO-1), the above image is the first official shot […]