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11 Reasons Why The New GHOSTBUSTERS Kicks Ass

Very few films have ever been met with the same degree of skepticism as Paul Feig’s GHOSTBUSTERS reboot. Whether it’s because the filmmakers dared to remake an established classic, or because the first trailers didn’t look particularly good, or because the film features a cast of female heroes (instead of the usual team of all-male […]

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He is Vigo!: The Wild & Criminal Life of Wilhelm von Homburg from GHOSTBUSTERS 2

On a mountain of skulls, in the castle of pain, he sat on a throne of blood! He is Vigo the Carpathian! For GHOSTBUSTERS II fans, it’s an iconic painting, but there was something darker behind that sloped, wrinkled brow and those sinister pale eyes. He may have been the scourge of Carpathia, but the […]

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Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About The Original 1975 GHOST BUSTERS?

Who would’ve thought that a remake of a 1984 comedy about “a team of bumbling scientists who investigate ghostly occurrences” would cause such a ruckus amongst the movie loving online community? It’s gotten tremendously out of hand. Everything from boycotts to public Twitter wars to truly showing the uncompassionate, horrible nature that some human beings […]



For the last 8 years, director Anthony Bueno (who served as cinematographer & editor on the superb documentary BEWARE THE MOON: REMEMBERING ‘AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON’) has been assembling footage and interviews for his extensive look at the true stories behind the making of the original comedy classic GHOSTBUSTERS and it’s sequel GHOSTBUSTERS II. […]


Previewing The Upcoming GHOSTBUSTERS Reboot Toys!

The original GHOSTBUSTERS, released in 1984, paved the way for an animated series and toy line that are both as nostalgia-inducing and beloved as the film itself, and the fun thing about the reboot is that it’s primed and ready to do the same. While you may be older and less than amused by the […]