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Two Months In: 10 Amazing 2017 Films (Already)

We’re not even a full two months into 2017 and already we’re seeing some masterful celluloid creep into our lives. What the remainder of the year will offer remains to be seen, but with roughly 50 days in the can and 10 top notch films already at our disposal, the year looks wildly promising. Get […]


Exclusive Poster For GET THE GIRL; Plus Trailer To Eric England’s Latest!

How do you get the attention of a girl that doesn’t know you exist? Well, if you’re Clarence (Justin Dobies) from the upcoming flick GET THE GIRL, you may go to… extreme measures. Check out the trailer to the latest flick from Eric England (CONTRACTED) below! As you can see from the above, in GET […]


Read The Opening From Eric England’s Unused CONTRACTED 2 Script

When it comes to sequelizing any horror film and turning it into a franchise, there’s always a variety of directions that the story can go. Years and years after the fact, with docs like NEVER SLEEP AGAIN and CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES, we’re still pining over any details we can get on unmade sequels to those […]