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8 STAR WARS Saga Plot Holes You Haven’t Noticed

Their power over pop culture is undeniable, and even people who never go to the movies know what ‘may the force be with you’ means. Until 1999, the STAR WARS saga seemed unassailable. Looking back, the acting was ropey, the script infantile and the plotting messy, but it wasn’t until the advent of Jar Jar […]


Watch ROGUE ONE’s Finale Seamlessly Edited Into STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE’s Opening!

When it comes to the greatest, most bad-ass villains in cinema history, it’s tough for anyone to top Darth Vader. I mean, as a little kid, when I first saw the original STAR WARS, he terrified me! But, of course, as you get a bit older and continue marathoning the original trilogy, he emerges not […]


With Teeth: Ten H.R. Giger ALIEN Inspired Creatures

As a tribute to H.R. Giger I thought it would be interesting to pull together ten spinoffs of his classic ALIEN creature. Some will refer to them as rip-offs, but as a fan of monsters I see them as inspired art. These designs show how Giger’s surrealist xenomorphic design changed, fueled and influenced the face […]