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Be-GORE-ra! Eight Irish Horror Movies Worth Checking Out

Ireland has given the world many useful things; the ejector seat, color photography, the Riverdance, hypodermic needles… and of course, Guinness. It’s also a place with a rich, proud tradition of horror storytelling and mythology, from banshees, fairies and leprechauns all the way to author Bram Stoker’s iconic creation DRACULA. Ireland has experienced something of a horror movie boom in recent […]

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GAME OF THRONES: The Most Gruesome Scenes

***SPOILER ALERT! Major spoilers ahead for GAME OF THRONES seasons one through five, and minor spoilers for season six.*** GAME OF THRONES is not a horror series. It is pretty much a straight-forward fantasy series, but a dark and brutal one. Who needs Michael Myers with a knife when you have guillotines and no real […]

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GAME OF THRONES’ Red Wedding is Based on a Real Event: The Black Dinner

**This article contains GAME OF THRONES SPOILERS** Haven’t the Starks been through enough, already? The end of season 5 saw the death of John Snow, the blinding of Arya, and Sansa jumping off the top floor of a castle.  However, one of the biggest horrors to befall the house of Stark had to be season […]


Get Your Heart Ripped Out for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a stupid holiday. I am not romantic; I don’t need cheap stuffed bears and overpriced candy. I much prefer the bloody, visceral, literal image of a heart over a red cut-out. Especially if that heart is being ripped out of a human chest. When I first set out to write this list, […]


ATTN LA – DOG SOLDIERS Plays The Cinefamily This Fri. At Midnight!

For our Los Angeles based readers, mark your calendars! This upcoming Friday night, November 20th at the Cinefamily, Friday Night Frights is hosting a special midnight screening of the 2002 werewolf cult classic DOG SOLDIERS! Writer/director Neil Marshall will be in attendance and they’ll be screening a rare 35mm print from his own personal collection. […]