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Is The “TV Remake” Bubble Finally About To Break?

Remakes are nothing new.  In fact, they’ve been around since the very beginning of cinema. Edison Studios produced the very first adaptation of Mary Shelley’s FRANKENSTEIN way back in 1910, and we’ve gone on to know many versions of the famed monster, from James Whale’s classic 1931 version, to Hammer Films’ FRANKENSTEIN series, to Robert DeNiro’s […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day: 10 Heart-Pounding Human Heart Scenes in Movies

By the time you’re old enough to read this, you’re probably more or less used to having a heart. Inside your chest, this powerful muscle pumps all the blood you need to survive, every second of every day. We say we love things with our hearts because, in some respects, our heart is all we […]

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5 Fantastic Horror Discoveries Streaming this Week on Netflix!

I love exploring Netflix because I always find a movie I’ve never heard of, one I’ve been wanting to see, or something I haven’t watched in ages. This week, I was able to find some terrific newly released horror flicks and also a few older titles that are worth revisiting. FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: THE […]


From Splatter To Star: 5 Of Tom Savini’s Best Performances

Tom Savini is so, so many things. Sure, he’s the Godfather of Gore, the gutsy effects master that redefined splatter and severed limbs for an entire generation of filmgoers with his work in DAWN OF THE DEAD, FRIDAY THE 13TH, and MANIAC. And yes, he’s also an expert stuntman and director who, with his own […]


The Best of Dump Month: 13 Great Horror Movies That Came Out In January

There’s a reason why Hollywood types usually call January “dump month.” For decades now, this has been the time of year when studios release their low-concept, lowbrow, lowest common denominator movies. And why not? Everyone’s eyes are all on the big Oscar contenders, which typically expand their releases throughout the month, so that all of […]

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5 Horror Movie Standards Streaming this Week on Netflix

Happy holidays from the gang at! We hope you are having a good one! Why not spend your vacation watching some of the classic horror flicks that made our genre great? Each of these movies are required viewing for all horror fans, so it is time to revisit them. Or if you haven’t seen […]