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Bonus SHOCK WAVES Episode! We’re Playing Music Themes From Summer Horrors!

Are you ready for the summer? Your hosts Ryan Turek and Rob Galluzzo are! And for this special bonus episode of Shock Waves, the duo are playing their favorite music themes from “summer” themed horror movies. From the disco grooves of FRIDAY THE 13TH, to the sweet soundsĀ of “Angela’s Theme” in Camp Arawak, to the […]


Waxwork Records Teases New FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 3 Vinyl Release!

What better way to show off a new and upcoming title in your catalog than debuting in on Friday, November 13th, especially when it justĀ happens to be the soundtrack for the 3rd feature in the beloved FRIDAY THE 13TH series! Waxwork Records are at it again and have posted a video tease of the new […]