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Which Is YOUR Favorite Monster From THE MONSTER SQUAD?

In previous editions of character showdown, we’ve run polls to determine who your favorite Universal Monster was. (The Wolf Man was the front runner with the Creature From The Black Lagoon at a close second!) We’ve asked you to tell us which member of THE MONSTER SQUAD was your pick for best. We even gave all […]

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This “Igor Wanna-Be” Was Caught Selling Stolen Human Brains!

A doltish thief of laboratory brains was nabbed by cops after purloining the pickled cerebrums from a former insane asylum and selling them on eBay. Did he give up Victor Frankenstein to the authorities, or was he merely a wholesaler for the burgeoning zombie black market? In this bizarre crime spree we’ve dubbed “The Case of […]


The Weirdest FRANKENSTEIN-Inspired Triple Feature You Can Have!

As a full-fledged movie fanatic AND horror appreciator, I’m always looking for the perfect combination of movies to pair up together as a double feature. When you meet a fellow horror lover, often times there will be at least one title that you’ve never heard of (or that they’ve never heard of) and that’s usually […]


The Awesome MAXx FX Horror Toy Line That Never Was

By 1989, the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise was up to its fifth installment, and Freddy Krueger was one of the most popular movie characters in the world. Capitalizing on the success of the series, toy company Matchbox acquired the Elm Street license and released a Mego-style action figure that allowed kids to dress up […]


Who Is YOUR Favorite Universal Monster?!

I think for a lot of us that have had a life-long obsession with the horror genre, it probably all began with the first time we got a glimpse of any of the Universal Monster Movies. After all, what better introduction could we ask for than the often misunderstood ghouls of the black and white classics? For me, the […]

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Who Was Your Favorite Member Of THE MONSTER SQUAD?

We all love THE MONSTER SQUAD, right? Just yesterday, I dedicated my weekly #RESPECT column to my personal favorite member of the team, Rudy. For me, Rudy was the most bad-ass of the bunch; cocky, confident & by far the coolest. Plus, by the movie’s conclusion he ends up killing the most monsters! But you know, […]

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FRANKENSTEIN is Based on a REAL “Scientific” Practice! Galvanism: Electrifying the Dead

We all know the story of Dr. Frankenstein and his monstrous creation- a mad scientist and his assistant assemble body parts and then add a lightening bolt to electrify the corpse back to life. The stuff of pure fiction, right? But at the time when Mary Shelly wrote the original FRANKENSTEIN tale, this practice was […]

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9 Magnificently Monstrous Contemporary Frankenstein Art Pieces

This story is part of a series done in partnership between and FOX’s VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN. Frankenstein’s monster has been portrayed in countless different ways over the years. In honor of VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN, we have decided to take a look at ten modern artworks that have their own take on Frankenstein and his creation. Donald […]

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15 Terrific Frankenstein Flicks Throughout Film History

This story is part of a series done in partnership between and FOX’s VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN. With the upcoming release of FOX’s VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN (debuting in theaters on November 26th), let’s look back at the many prior Frankenstein adaptations that have helped shaped the monster’s long-running legacy!     FRANKENSTEIN (1931) Although not the first […]

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9 More Highly Controversial and Notorious Pre-Code Horror Films

In 1915, the Supreme Court made the unanimous ruling that the First Amendment did not apply to motion pictures. After that decision, the motion picture industry knew it was teetering on the edge of government censorship. When William Hayes presented his decency code in 1924, it was largely ignored. In 1929, Martin Quigley and Father […]


BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN Turns 80-years-old: Revisiting this Classic Horror Film

In 2015, we tend to take a lot of horror for granted. Modern audiences hungrily consume whatever new rolls into theaters, eager to be frightened and happy to see the ghosts, the torture, the mayhem, or whatever the cinemas have to offer. How often, though, do those same horror audiences look back? Horror is – […]

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We Interview GOOSEBUMPS Director Rob Letterman!

Nostalgia rules at the box office, but although films like TRANSFORMERS and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES are making a mint off of our collective interest in kids stuff from the 1980s and 1990s, their filmmakers aren’t responsible for shoving every last part of their respective franchises into a single film. Rob Letterman’s job was quite […]



Even though I own ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN on Blu-Ray and DVD, I always hold out hope that it will screen somewhere in Los Angeles on the big screen. And thankfully this Halloween season, the New Beverly Cinema gave us 4 opportunities to catch it! (Next screenings are on the evenings of October 23rd […]