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Steve Ellison AKA Flying Lotus Talks Imagery And Anxiety In His Movie KUSO!

KUSO (meaning “shit” in Japanese) is the feature film directorial debut of rapper, music producer, and founder of the Brainfeeders recording label Flying Lotus, who prefers to be known as Steve Ellison when sitting in the director’s chair. Distributed by Shudder, the Netflix of horror fandom, KUSO is an intensely grotesque, yet darkly artistic set […]


Shudder Will Premiere KUSO, The Directorial Debut Of Flying Lotus!

Shudder, the all-horror online streaming service, continues to find interesting and unique genre films as exclusive premieres via their service, and here’s one you guys should mark down on your watch list. KUSO is the directorial debut of Steve Ellison, aka FLYING LOTUS. calls it “the first midnight masterpiece of the 21st century.” You […]