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8 Essential Books About Horror Movies

In this world of endless exciting horror content in theaters, on TV, and streaming online, it can be hard to just sit down and pick up a book. But if you’re looking to take the leap back to the written word, an easy way to transition back to books is by reading about horror films. […]

Films Scary Fun 

Watch Horror Films and Live: A Survival Guide

Every now and then, a random fact picked up very unceremoniously and unintentionally along the way can come in handy — for example, I once got a free cup of coffee because I knew what the capital of South Dakota was. It’s a fleeting but magnificent feeling of vindication when all that seemingly superfluous knowledge […]



The sixth season of Ryan Murphy’s & Brad Falchuk’s AMERICAN HORROR STORY is arguably their most ambitious installment yet. ROANOKE is a meta-multilayered approach to revisionist horror, with allusions to several cinematic properties that we’ve now become accustomed to over the years, including BLAIR WITCH, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, […]


Five Classic Horror Movie Archetypes (and Why They’re Essential)

Consider, if you will, the following scenario: You’re going on a summer road trip with a group of friends. Your best friend’s boyfriend has this brother who just bought a cabin located in the middle of nowhere. It’ll be fun to get away for the week — to drink, go swimming, and relax with friends […]


Slashback! School’s Out Forever on GRADUATION DAY (1981)

Ever since I developed a serious slasher-movie addiction during the Mom & Pop video store days of the 1980s, I can’t go long without a fix… and nothing scratches that itch better than a flick from the genre’s Golden Age, which loosely spans the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, hitting its peak of popularity during […]


Slashback! Is ALIEN Actually a Slasher Movie in Space?

Okay, before you start sharpening your knives over that headline, be sure to actually read the article first. You’ll see that this is more of a thought experiment in honor of LV-426, a.k.a. “ALIEN Day,” than a slasher-skewed review of a film which I’m betting you already love every bit as much as I do. […]


5 New Indie Horror Films Streaming on Netflix!

Netflix just added several brand new indie horrors, many of which are now getting rave reviews from horror fans, like THE HALLOW and HE NEVER DIED. Check out our list of recommendations below. All of these films are recent to Netflix, all indie, and all released domestically within the past year. #HORROR (2015) A social […]


Slashback! Is 1982’s SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE the First Feminist Slasher?

Throughout the Golden Age of slasher cinema — the late ‘70s through the early ‘80s — films of this genre weren’t exactly praised for their depiction of women. Quite the contrary, in fact; they were frequently under fire from all sides for their frequent misogynist tendencies. That’s why it comes as a bit of a […]