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5 Real-Life Deaths Worthy Of FINAL DESTINATION Scenes

Despite being an overall happy individual, I spend much of my time pondering death. Death lies in the highest level of life’s uncertainties and stings the heart the most when it happens to a loved one. We all have taken comfort in assuming that we will meet the standard life expectancy of being covered in […]

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FINAL DESTINATION Creator Jeffrey Reddick Is On The Latest SHOCK WAVES!

Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane, Rebekah McKendry and Ryan Turek as they welcome special guest Jeffrey Reddick onto the show to talk “summer horrors!” But first, the latest in horror! Ryan and Rob have seen THE MUMMY and share their thoughts on Universal’s attempt at launching their “Dark Universe.” Elric and Ryan report […]

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Seven Great Songs That Were Ruined by Horror Movies

Music is an essential component of a horror film’s atmosphere. Without Bernard Herrmann’s atonal orchestra, PSYCHO wouldn’t be half the masterpiece that it is. But sometimes a great scary movie will drag other music into its orbit of terror besides the work of a composer. Occasionally, a pre-written song will become the soundtrack to some […]


Happy 10th Anniversary To The Sleazy, Mean-Spirited “Slasher” Cult Classic BLACK XMAS!

Ah yes, my fine fiends. It’s that time of year again. It’s Christmas season, which means we all have to break out as many holiday themed horror movies as possible and watch them until the bitter end of this blasted year! Inevitably, there comes the point in the month where you have to revisit Bob […]

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Check Out this Video List of the Best Death Scenes from the FINAL DESTINATION Franchise!

Last week, we published a list ranking every death scene from the entire FINAL DESTINATION franchise. Check out the list here. We had such fun putting it together that we turned it into a video. Check out our video of the 6 greatest death scenes from the FINAL DESTINATION franchise below.


The Second Creepy Trailer For LIGHTS OUT Is Here!

We’ve already seen the first teaser trailer for LIGHTS OUT. And just yesterday, we shared filmmaker David Sanborn’s horror short film PICTURED. Today, a new theatrical trailer for LIGHTS OUT has dropped and whereas the first one relied on tension and scares, this one gives us a bit more of the actual story we can expect […]

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Are You Prepared to See the Many Faces of DEATH?

As one of The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Death may ride a pale horse, but that didn’t stop him from going solo.  We take a quick and furtive look at the many faces of Death!  (Sorry, not those faux-autopsy 1980s flicks). Since Man first became aware of his very limited mortality Death has been […]

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5 Reasons Horror Fans Need to Watch 1983s SOLE SURVIVOR

I had never seen SOLE SURVIVOR up until a week ago. I had heard about the film and vaguely recalled it from video store shelves during my adolescent years, but I knew little about it. That is until two of my horror colleagues, Chris Alexander of Shock Till You Drop and Elric Kane of Killer […]


One’s A Classic, One’s Sleazy Fun! This Week’s Double Take Is BLACK CHRISTMAS!

To me, the key to a truly great “remake” of a pre-existing horror film is simple. Would the new update make a good double feature with the original movie? When it comes to programming a double bill, the goal is to find two movies with a similar theme that would complement each other. And there’s […]