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Seven MORE Lost Horror Films That Fans Are Dying To See!

Whether from fires, neglect or atomic bombs, the seven horror movies listed below are gone, maybe forever, so of course horror movie fans are dying to see them; wanting what we can’t have is human nature. It’s not even that these movies are likely to be all that good, but you never know. They could […]

Real Life Scares Scary Fun 


Today’s creepypasta originated with an anonymous poster — whose identity remains unknown to this day — over the years it’s developed a reputation as one of the scariest legends to circulate through Reddit, 4chan and more. According to most theories, the story came in the form of an unsent letter found crumpled near the side […]

Real Life Scares Scary Fun 

Car Trouble? Better Check Under the Hood for Giant Snakes!

A farmer in Zimbabwe has been dealing with a rather unusual problem recently: it seems a gigantic African rock python really wants to be his pal… and try as he might, he just can’t seem to get rid of the enormous and clingy reptile. According to CNN, it all started when Ben Mostert and his […]