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Fantasia Film Festival: After Seeing DRIB, I Don’t Know What to Believe Anymore

The master of performance art, Andy Kaufman, made us question where reality ended and fiction began. His appearances on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and FRIDAYS captivated audiences who never knew what to expect and watched hoping to see him break the third wall. Even the manner in which he died seemed to be a prank. If any […]

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10 Upcoming Horror Films We Can’t Wait to See at Fantasia Film Festival

In one week, is headed to Montreal, Canada for Fantasia Film Festival International. This annual fest has become known for showing some of the world’s best upcoming horror, fantasy, and science fictions films. Keep checking for all our festival coverage next week. Here are ten of the Fantasia Fest features we can’t wait […]


A Closer Look at the Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Horror Film EMBERS

This year, my favorite movie at Montreal’s legendary Fantasia Film Festival was an apocalyptic scifi/ horror tale called EMBERS. This female-directed film breathes new life into scifi/horror crossovers, and smartly does it on a small scale to create something just as effective, unique and powerful as many of its big budget Hollywood counterparts. Set in a […]


5 More Terrific Upcoming Films From Fantasia Fest 2016

This year’s Fantasia Festival in Montreal, Quebec, Canada had some great offerings for film lovers everywhere. With submissions from all over the globe, there was something for everyone. Here are my top five films spanning multiple genres and countries that you should definitely check out as soon as they come available in your part of […]


Fantasia Film Festival: 5 Awesome Upcoming Movies!

For the past few days at Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, we have been watching upwards of 5-6 films a day, screening plenty of upcoming horror, science fiction, animation, and cult movies. Here is a rundown of 5 fantastic movies that I watched this weekend. Each of these should be releasing stateside soon, so keep checking for more details. […]