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8 Alternate Movie Fan Theories that will Blow Your Mind

The fan theory. Has there ever been a more powerful artifact about how much we love movies than devising plot developments the writer of the movie didn’t realize (or did they?). Lately we’ve seen it come full circle. Consider Gareth Edwards’ ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY. Based on a single, almost throwaway, line in STAR […]


Five Unlikely Couples Found In These Unbelievable Horror Fan Fiction Recommendations!

Horror is a genre that allows filmmakers’ imaginations to run wild, concocting bombastic grotesqueries that viewers could never even dream of. But there’s one place where the audience can turn the tables and invent stories so wickedly gruesome that even horror directors have to bow down to their terrifying skill: romantic horror fan fiction. If […]


The Five Funniest Episodes of SUPERNATURAL!

SUPERNATURAL just got renewed for its 12th season, which makes it not only the longest-running show on the CW (it has been around longer than the CW has been around), but it is one of the longest-running scripted dramas currently on the air. I’ve always thought that the secret to the show’s success is a brilliant […]