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Ten 80s Horror Movies You Likely Haven’t Seen

Oh the ’80s! They are considered by some to be one of the golden ages of horror, filled to the brim with slashers, monsters, and eye-popping special effects. But not all ’80s horror films became the stuff of legend. Some, though quite good, never received proper releases, never became available outside of international territories, or […]


Five Underrated Slasher Movies from the 1980s

Everything devolves. In only a decade, the high bar set by seminal 1970s slasher films like BLACK CHRISTMAS, HALLOWEEN¬†and THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE¬†became a giant heap of crap. Hollywood released a ton of often boring higher-end slasher movies, while smaller companies churned out creatively vacant, straight-to-video flicks to feed the product-hungry shelves of video […]