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Vintage Video – Barbara Walters Vs VCR Horrors!

As a lifelong horror fan, sometimes I like to go down the YouTube rabbit hole in search of old video clips that bring me back to the glory days of mom & pop VHS rental stores and the era in which my insatiable, dark little mind was first discovering all these genre classics. Hey, I […]


Nudist Mutant Cannibals!: The 7 Wildest and Stomach Churning Mondo Films

It all started with MONDO CANE in 1962. A trio of Italian filmmakers decided to edit together unconnected disturbing footage from around the globe in a kaleidoscopic frenzy of f’ed up real imagery. (Read the history of MONDO CANE here). And while some viewers decreed it as disgusting and pornographic (since it was largely made […]

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The Horrifying, Controversial and Secret History of the Snuff Film

[Warning: graphic images ahead] Hang on, folks — this is gonna to be a rough ride. You see, from a journalistic standpoint, it’s tricky to approach any story about so-called “snuff” films, for a couple of very important reasons. First, it’s never been conclusively proven that these films even exist at all — in the […]