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10 Lesser-Known 1980s Horror Movies You Need to See

The 1980s were known for big hair, neon colors, loud music, and also a massive boom in the horror genre. The advent of the VCR created a whole new market for rental tapes, and filmmakers could not churn out horror films fast enough to keep the ravenous fans satisfied. But because there was such a […]


Slashback! This Sleazy Stalker Has the EYES OF A STRANGER (1981)

It’s time for this week’s bloodstained trip through the corpse-cluttered corridors of slasher history! Last week we dished up some cranberry-colored splatter for Thanksgiving in the form of the little-known ’83 gorefest BLOOD RAGE, and now we’re about to make you jump every time that phone rings… Despite hitting theaters at the absolute peak of […]