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It’s About to Get Really Weird: Looking Back at 1973’s THE BABY

“There shall be mayhem wherever he goes!” A few years back I was working at a horror convention hosting various panels and Q and A’s. During one of the panels, a fan asked the filmmakers to talk about what movies influenced them. One of the directors on stage said he loved the THE BABY. All […]


Slashback! Smut Peddlers, Satanists and Serial Killers in 1978’s THE PLAYBIRDS

[Note: NSFW content below] Slashy New Year, maniacs! I hope you rang in 2016 with a viewing of the grimy, mean-spirited NEW YEAR’S EVIL (if not, you should def take a look), and I’m not backing off one bit this year, either. If anything, I’ll be ramping it up a notch or two, especially when […]