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5 Classic American Sexploitation Films You Need to See

Some call it “smut”, but I call it “art”. Sexploitation films are a genre of low-budget features that have always enjoyed pushing boundaries. Born out of the 1960s, American sexploitation started popping up after the fall of the Hays code and just before the MPAA instituted a ratings system. Over the years, the American sexploitation […]


Five 1970s Exploitation Films You May Have Missed

Exploitation cinema is a vast array of subgenres, some common knowledge and some you didn’t even know existed. With so many subgenres and films residing under the exploitation umbrella, its easy for a few titles to get lost. This especially true when you consider that most exploitations hype comes from word-of-mouth.  Therefore, it’s easy for […]


It’s About to Get Really Weird: Looking Back at 1973’s THE BABY

“There shall be mayhem wherever he goes!” A few years back I was working at a horror convention hosting various panels and Q and A’s. During one of the panels, a fan asked the filmmakers to talk about what movies influenced them. One of the directors on stage said he loved the THE BABY. All […]


Afternoon Quickie: Ride with the Living Dead in PSYCHOMANIA!

“Ride with the living dead!” I’ve always had a thing for motorcycle movies. It’s one of my favorite horror sub-genres. While over the years, I have seen a wide range of horror/motorcycle cross-overs, also lovingly referred to as bikes-ploitation, my favorite of all time will always be the 1973 British moto-horror PSYCHOMANIA aka THE DEATH WHEELERS. Tom, […]