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In Defense Of “Underrated” Horror Lists

As horror fans, we know all too well the feeling of scrolling through our Facebook or Twitter feeds and seeing lists pop up that boast “The 10 Most Underrated Horror Movies You’ve Never Heard Of,” only to click through and see titles like FROM BEYOND and MAY included. “These titles are not underrated!” we scream […]


EXORCIST III Getting A Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray From Scream Factory!

It’s been rumored since December of last year, and now Scream Factory has confirmed what we hoped! They will be unleashing a “collector’s edition” Blu-Ray of William Peter Blatty’s much-celebrated EXORCIST sequel, EXORCIST III: LEGION! It arrives on October 25th, just in time for the Halloween season in a 2 disc set. And while features […]