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Blowing Minds With Cinema Reality: VR in Film

In 1935, Stanley G. Weinbaum’s short story PYGMALION’S SPECTACLES introduced the world to the concept of virtual reality, and ever since, science and technology have been working to create his vision. In the last few years, we have come closer than many ever imagined. The Oculus. The Vive. PlayStation VR. The future is here! But […]


The 10 Most Underrated Horror Movies of the 1990s

Last week, we ran a list of the 10 Most Underrated Horror Movies of the 1980s. This week, we’re focusing on the 1990s with another list of often-missed and underappreciated genre gems. While only a few of these films can be found on Blu-ray, they can all be found on DVD (or can be streamed) […]


Netflix Adds New Horror Titles: 5 Frightening Flicks That Are Now Streaming!

Netflix added a few new horror titles in January. Whoo-hoo! Fresh blood! We have culled a list of 5 fantastic Netflix horror movies below. This includes their newest horror acquisitions, as well as a few older titles you may have missed. THE FACULTY (1998) Oh, high school. You suck in general! But now the faculty […]