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Corporate Horror: 10 Office Horror Movies

Jobs are where souls go to die. Beneath the bright fluorescent lights and fake plants, corporate workplaces are cages full of weirdoes who would kill their neighbors for a corner office if they weren’t such boring cowards. Blumhouse’s upcoming THE BELKO EXPERIMENT (coming to theaters on May 17) illustrates the hidden dread, desperation, and violence […]

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You Lose — You Die: Ten Movies About Deadly Games of Survival

In THE BELKO EXPERIMENT, 80 American employees of the Belko Corporation are locked in their office building in Colombia (“where life is cheap!”) and are told over the loudspeaker that the new rule is “Kill or be killed.” Thirty people must die at the hands of their coworkers — or 60 will die when their […]

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10 Killer Horror Flicks from the 2000s that You May Have Missed

Sure the 2000s just happened, but a lot of top-notch horror flicks got over-looked or just forgotten! One of the high points of the 2000s horror scene is that digital filmmaking was finally available to the mass populace causing a surge in the indie horror markets. With a saturation of horror films being released, many […]