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10 Terrifying Movies about Artificial Intelligence

Technology has long scared humanity. In 1886, when the Lumiere brothers screened the first motion picture, “Train Pulling Into the Station,” legend has it that the audience was so terrified they screamed and leapt from their chairs. As the years have progressed, humanity has evolved and matured – but so has technology. Almost since the […]

Films Scary Fun 

6 New Fantastic Horror Movies Available on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime recently added several new horror films to their selection including some that are new releases and horror festival faves from last year. Check out their newest genre inclusions below. EX MACHINA (2015) A young computer programmer participates in the study on an android that is unbelievably real.   GOODNIGHT MOMMY (2014) This German […]

John Humphrey’s TOP 10 Horror Films of 2015!

Coming up with a best-of-the-year list is a surprisingly difficult task. What if I pick the wrong film? What if nobody likes me?? What if I actually did manage to forget the one movie you’re about to tell me I’m an idiot/should be literally killed for not including??? The stakes are high… All anxiousness aside, […]