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Behind-The-Scenes Look At “The Reluctant Hero” In ASH VS EVIL DEAD!

Like every other horror fanatic on the planet, I love the EVIL DEAD series. So I almost can’t believe that after 20 years, Bruce Campbell is returning as Ash for the original 10 part series ASH VS EVIL DEAD. We’ve seen a few trailers emerge since the epic Comic-Con debut. Now, Starz has released a […]


“Hail To The King, Baby!” Full ARMY OF DARKNESS Blu-Ray Specs!

Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up! We’ve got great news for you. Yes, yes. I know what you’re thinking. Much like with the original EVIL DEAD and even EVIL DEAD 2, you have to buy yet another edition of ARMY OF DARKNESS?! The fine folks at Scream Factory, being fans themselves, understand your plight. And […]


Official ASH VS EVIL DEAD Poster & New Trailer!

October 31st can’t come soon enough! Because that’s when Starz will unleash their new 10 episode series of ASH VS EVIL DEAD on us, with Bruce Campbell returning to his most iconic genre role! We’ve now got a look at the official promotional poster (below), along with another trailer. It’s pretty close to the Comic-Con […]