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Disturb All Your Friends With These Creepy Cups Made Of Teeth!

What is it about “teeth” that’s just so darned unsettling? Don’t agree? Come on! The most disturbing thing to come out of any horror related project last year┬áhas to be the “tooth child” from CANDLE COVE: CHANNEL ZERO. And so I was equally as mortified when a friend texted me this link to this etsy […]

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Check Out These Wonderfully Twisted Doll Lamps from RePSYCHOLamps!

Oh how I love! Dedicated to handmade, unique crafts, the site is a veritable treasure trove of distinctive and often disturbing works that are perfect for any horror fan’s home. And this week, caught up with Cindy Murphy and Mike Nollan from RePSYCHOlamp, a company that finds creepy old dolls and recycles them […]