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10 VHS Box Covers that Will Haunt My Brain Forever

Like many horror fans who grew up in the 80s and 90s, a large chunk of my formative years were spent roaming the aisles of my local video store. On Track Video in Stephens City, VA was the definition of “ma and pop” store, from its adorable video cassette train logo (get it? On Track Video!) […]

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HO-HO-HORROR: The 11 Essential Christmas Horror Movies

Christmas is a time for giving, for good cheer, and for bonding with your family. It is also a time for murder, if the horror community has anything to say about it. Yes, nestled within the canon of Christmas movie classics like IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE and MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET is a whole subgenre […]


Todd McFarlane Wishes You a Twisted Christmas

As outrage-happy as our society is today, things weren’t all that different in decades past. When SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT was released back in 1984, for example, parents were so upset about the idea of the horror genre exploiting the holiday season that they forced the film to be pulled from theaters, despite the fact that […]

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LOST ON VHS: 5 Horror Movies That You Can Only Watch on VHS!

Most of us long ago switched over to DVD… and then to Blu-ray..and now are slowly integrating online or VOD purchases into our normal routine. But many movies never made it passed their original VHS releases. For these movies, you either pray someone will eventually re-release it (thank Beelzebub for Scream Factory), pick up a […]