The 13th Floor



Just because something is news to you, doesn’t make it “news.” Just this past year, for example, the fact that Bill Murray’s cameo in ZOMBIELAND was originally written for Patrick Swayze (who tragically died before the film was made) was treated as an honest to goodness “news story,” even though it was merely old-fashioned movie trivia […]


Nothing Can Prepare You For THE GREASY STRANGLER Teaser Trailer

A few weeks back, we had Elijah Wood, Daniel Noah and Josh Waller, the collective trio that make up production outfit SpectreVision as special guests on the Shock Waves podcast. Among the many of their movies we discussed, at one point we touched upon their film THE GREASY STRANGLER. I had no frame of reference. […]


Listen To A Lengthy Chat With Elijah Wood & SPECTREVISION All On Horror For Episode 3 Of SHOCK WAVES!

It’s another Wednesday, which means it’s time for another episode of the horror podcast SHOCK WAVES! And boy, do we have a great one for you today! Episode 3 is packed with tons of good stuff. First up, join your co-hosts Rebekah McKendry, Elric Kane and (yours truly) Rob Galluzzo as we delve into […]


The Exploitation Of Anthony Perkins’ PSYCHO Connection

In today’s modern age of moviemaking and celebrities, it doesn’t seem that typecasting is as big a worry for actors the way it used to be. Sure, if you’re someone like Elijah Wood, it’s fair to assume that someone on the street would probably recognize you as Frodo from the LORD OF THE RINGS movies since, […]


Rob G.’s Pick Of The Week: SpectreVision & Chiller Films’ THE BOY

It’s a shame that there are two genre movies out there with the title THE BOY right now, because they’re both great for completely different reasons, and people should check them both out. But I fear the title will either deter or distract them. Today, my recommendation is to check out the 2015 film, THE […]


Kevin McTurk’s Creepy Puppet Short THE MILL AT CALDER’S END Now On Blu-Ray

The first time I saw the excellent short film THE MILL AT CALDER’S END, it caught me completely off guard. Last year, the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, California celebrated the great Mario Bava with a double feature of BLACK SUNDAY and BLACK SABBATH, two of his most celebrated works. The legendary Barbara Steele was in attendance […]

Scary Fun 

THE SHINING Hotel May Soon Become the World’s Largest Horror Museum

The historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, beloved by horror fans as the inspiration for Stephen King’s landmark novel THE SHINING (and recently featured in our list of The World’s Most Haunted Hotels), already attracts legions of King readers and ghost-seeking tourists every year… but if things come together as planned, the century-old landmark […]


The Evils of The Millennial Horror Evolution

The horror canon is vast and constantly expanding; finding new ways to illicit the fear we are all capable of experiencing at some point or another. Fears can change over time, so horror films are tasked with appealing to its ever-evolving audience. With that in mind, filmmakers and screenwriters have begun to utilize the technological […]



To me, the key to a truly great “remake” of a pre-existing horror film is simple. Would the new update make a good double feature with the original movie? When it comes to programming a double feature, the goal is to find two movies with a similar theme that would complement each other. And there’s […]