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Five of the Most Valuable Horror Toys Ever Released

We talk a lot about horror toys here on Blumhouse, often shining the spotlight on the coolest releases from the past and the most exciting offerings headed our way in the near future. One thing we’ve come to realize is that what any given toy is worth really has nothing to do with how much […]

Real Life Scares 

This “Igor Wanna-Be” Was Caught Selling Stolen Human Brains!

A doltish thief of laboratory brains was nabbed by cops after purloining the pickled cerebrums from a former insane asylum and selling them on eBay. Did he give up Victor Frankenstein to the authorities, or was he merely a wholesaler for the burgeoning zombie black market? In this bizarre crime spree we’ve dubbed “The Case of […]

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Buying a Ghost on eBay: Check out These Haunted Objects Currently For Sale

For many of us, the popular online auction site eBay is like a drug. I know I’ve spent many nights hitting the refresh button over and over again to ensure my spot as the top bidder, while watching the seconds count down to the end of the auction. Over the years, I’ve learned to control my auction […]


7 Horror Movie Props Currently on eBay That Are To Die For!

EBay can be a scary place. One late night beer-fueled perusal of the site can have irrevocable consequences on your bank account. I know this is true because I have a bright red 1987 Yamaha keytar that reminds me of this fact every day. I have faith that you can find much cooler ways to […]