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5 Stephen King Movies Available for Streaming on Netflix

For many horror fans, the books of Stephen King were a gateway drug into horror films. Whether you saw your parents reading the novels and were traumatized by the book covers or dared to picked up one of his tomes yourself, Stephen King has pushed generations into a world of nightmares. And of course, many […]


8 Killer Horror Movies Headed to Netflix in July

Summer is here, and just in time for your much-needed vacation, Netflix has a sweet line-up of horror films that are about to release to instant streaming.  Set off fireworks, roast hotdogs, and go to the beach…but afterwards, watch one of these epic horror flicks! Releasing July 1- BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA (1986) I […]


10 Stephen King Movies That Deserve a Bigger Audience

Stephen King is one of those authors who, apparently, has never had a single moment of free time. As of the time I am writing this he has published over 50 novels and more short stories than you can shake a proverbial stick at, and his work has been adapted into award-winning feature films, TV […]


Flush! Five MORE Terrifying Toilet Deaths

They say that most household accidents happen in the bathroom, but in horror movies there’s no such thing as an “accident.” So when someone in a scary movie has their pants down, and is feeling particularly vulnerable, that’s usually exactly when an alien is about to attack them, or a monster is planning to bite […]