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CINEMA IN EXTREMIS: Behind the Scenes of EXTREMITY with Director Anthony DiBlasi

Previously in this column, the writing team of Scott Swan and David Bond revealed details about a film that looks to be the ultimate word on the “extreme haunt” trend — appropriately titled EXTREMITY. They also revealed that one of my favorite genre filmmakers, Anthony DiBlasi (LAST SHIFT, MOST LIKELY TO DIE), would be helming the […]

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10 Amazing Horror Movies You Might Have Missed

There’s never been a better time to be a horror fan: Major studios now realize scary movies have incredible mainstream appeal and have increased the overall quality of these offerings. At the same time, advances in filmmaking technologies have given indie practitioners the tools necessary to compete with the big boys. Those who complain about […]


Slasher Recommendation – The 90’s Style MOST LIKELY TO DIE Slays!

It’s interesting… I still have a very clear memory of how drastically Wes Craven’s seminal “slasher” feature SCREAM changed the landscape of commercial horror upon its 1996 theatrical release. What followed were the I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER movies, then other similarly themed, somewhat self-aware “slasher” fare such as URBAN LEGENDS, VALENTINE, DISTURBING […]


This Reunion Party Goes Awry In The MOST LIKELY TO DIE Trailer!

It’s been a really long time since we’ve seen a traditional “slasher” movie in the vein of SLAUGHTER HIGH or PROM NIGHT, but it looks like we’ve finally got a new one on the horizon. And it comes from none other than director Anthony DiBlasi! Ever since his feature debut, helming the adaptation of Clive […]