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Why BUCKAROO BANZAI Is The Most Insane Movie Ever!

THE ADVENTURES OF BUCKAROO BANZAI (ACROSS THE 8TH DIMENSION) is the most insane movie ever made and for many a Blue Blazer Irregular inarguably the greatest movie ever made! That is, if you like pulp sci-fi, lunacy and uber-meta-reference to a self-aware universe that exist only in the framework of this 1984 cult classic. “Watching […]

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Seven Superhero Movies That Made Us Feel Dirty

“Superheroes aren’t just for kids anymore,” that’s what they used to say. The olden days of costumed crime-fighters filling funnybooks with their wholesome shenanigans were, supposedly, a timeless era of good humor and good morals. And sure enough, it didn’t last, if it ever properly existed in the first place. Our superheroes got more disturbing, […]