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6 Awesome Horror Films Recently Added to HULU

HULU just added several more horror films to its streaming platform. Though it may not be fans’ first destination when looking for a movie (I think Netflix holds that title), some of these films make it well worth a visit! Movies don’t seem to stick around on HULU as long as they do on other […]


Five Horror Movies That Need The MST3K Treatment

There are few shows that are as perfect as MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000. It is a show that you can watch alone or with friends. A show that you can watch in bite sized bits if you’re one of those weird busy people, or in long stretches for hours at a time if, like me, […]


“Paranoia! Paranoia! Everybody’s Coming to Get Me!”: Revisiting 1998’s DISTURBING BEHAVIOR

It was the 90s. We loved grungy clothing, angry music and X-FILES. In 1998, X-FILES veteran David Nutter directed the feature film DISTURBING BEHAVIOR. Opening on the same day as SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, the film received horrible reviews and sunk financially. It was quickly dubbed “the Stepford Kids” for the very Stepford Wives-ish plot…just at a […]