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During the 1980s and early 1990s, it was difficult to avoid running into some holiday-themed TV programming, some even from Disney. The House of Mouse yielded its fair share of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween-related content, most of it dug-up from material in their vaults, just re-edited with new narrations or introductions. They even cut together […]

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Disney Made a TV Series About Donald Trump Fighting Crime With a Pirate Ghost

Hey, do you remember that one time Donald Trump bought a haunted mansion in the Caribbean and teamed up with a black ghost pirate and solved crimes using a high-tech superboat? Well, you should, because it happened. (Mostly. Sort of.) In a recent episode of my podcast CANCELED TOO SOON (where we review television shows […]


SO WEIRD: The Best Horror Kid’s Show That Everyone Forgot

The Disney Channel is arguably the most accessible of the stations geared towards children, but has always followed the trends and fads that boosted the ratings of all of their competitors. After the successes of shows like GOOSEBUMPS, EERIE, INDIANA, and ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?, The Disney Channel put aside the more traditional […]