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From The Producers Of THE RING and THE GRUDGE Comes POLAROID

There’s nothing like a good scary movie at the end of the summer. And Dimension Films has got one coming to theaters on August 25th. From the producers of the American remakes of THE RING and THE GRUDGE comes POLAROID, based on the short film by director Lars Klevberg. Check out the trailer below! Synopsis: […]


Unseen Horrors! The HELLRAISER Anthology We Should Have Had

With the release of the HELLRAISER Box Set this past October it was unfortunate to see HELLRAISER: BLOODLINE missing. Some fans consider BLOODLINE the beginning of the end of the franchise and, strangely enough, that was the original idea behind it. It was a challenge for Clive Barker to figure out what the next installment […]


Stephen King’s THE MIST Drifting Over To TV

“There’s something in the mist!” It seems yet another one of Stephen King’s properties is making its way to TV. Deadline reports that The Weinstein Company‚Äôs Dimension Television is currently developing THE MIST into a TV series. Christian Torpe, the creator of the Danish series RITA is on board to script and the series has […]