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Eerie Footage Shows a Bizarre Humanoid Creature Roaming the Desert

A brief and rather creepy video clip has monster-hunters, UFO theorists and thousands of curiosity-seekers mystified since it first popped up on the web. The video file was apparently first uploaded to YouTube channel Alien Sightings, and depicts what appears to be a bipedal human-like creature shambling across a desert path. The figure is only visible […]


Anty Raid: A Look Back at the Mega-Bug Classic THEM!

In New Mexico, police Sgt. Ben Peterson (James Whitmore) and his partner discover a young girl wandering alone through the desert in a state of shock. A few miles away, they find a demolished trailer homeu littered with bloodstained clothing and odd animal tracks. The mystery deepens when a local storekeeper is found slaughtered and […]


Furious George! The Badass Baboons of SANDS OF THE KALAHARI and SHAKMA

Baboons are terrifying. They’re loud and aggressive. They have razor-­sharp sabers for teeth. They have piercing, human-­like eyes. And they have really scary hineys. These alarming attributes make the species particularly good monsters — even if the movies they star in aren’t always a barrel full of monkeys. Cy Endfield’s 1965 thriller SANDS OF THE […]