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Check Out This Trailer For The New PET SEMATARY Documentary!

I absolutely love documentaries from die-hard fans and filmmakers, because they often have nothing but a tremendous amount of respect and reverence for their source material. There’s always a lot of heart put into these types of docs, because the people behind them truly care. And judging from the following trailer, it looks like directors […]


Revisiting Stephen King’s PET SEMATARY

On the long list of forthcoming Stephen King remakes, PET SEMATARY ranks near the very top.   The 1983 novel is a fan favorite that outsold all of the author’s previous books, and the 1989 film adaptation outgrossed all previous King movies—which is ironic, because King initially didn’t want to publish the book and nobody in […]


Killer POV Pick Of The Week – PET SEMATARY

It’d been a really long time since I’d revisited Mary Lambert’s 1989 adaptation of the Stephen King novel PET SEMATARY, which King himself adapted! But this week, I upgraded to the Blu-Ray edition and popped that sucker on a night before we recorded this week’s episode of Killer POV. And while I’m not as terrified […]