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Bonus SHOCK WAVES Episode! Spinning Some Damn Fine Cuts From The Crypt!

On this special BONUS episode of Shock Waves, join your host Rob Galluzzo and special guest Tony Giles from The Damn Fine Network as they spin a series of horror themed soundtracks and score music! You can expect the sweet sounds of John Carpenter, to classic Italian themes from DEMON and ZOMBI 3, to TV […]


NSFW: Bloody Exclusive Clip From DON’T KILL IT; The Dolph Lundgren Demon Hunter Movie!

Are you ready for the latest flick from Mike Mendez (TALES OF HALLOWEEN, BIG ASS SPIDER), which features Dolph Lundgren as Jebediah Woodley, a demon hunter? Of course you are! The trailer first started making the rounds earlier this month, and now, this Friday, March 3rd, is when you’ll be able to see it On […]


Watch Dolph Lundgren Kill Demons This March In DON’T KILL IT!

We here at are big fans of filmmaker Mike Mendez. From his indie debut KILLERS, to his possessed demon nun romp THE CONVENT, to the atomic monster nod BIG ASS SPIDER, to his FRIDAY THE 31st segment in TALES OF HALLOWEEN, he always delivers something fun, unique and/or usually full of over-the-top gore or […]

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CREEPYPASTA: This Patient Claims Horrifying Creatures Are All Around Us… and He’s Right

Today’s small but pungent serving of creepypasta is garnished with a ghastly twist… so don’t spoil it for the rest of us! The original author is unknown, but let’s assume for the sake of convenience that they work in the medical profession, in the employ of an unnamed mental hospital or psychiatric ward… so you […]

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True Evil: The Tragic Life of Anneliese Michel

It was well below freezing on February 25, 1978, and the harsh winds weren’t making the environment any friendlier. Still, the stabbing cold didn’t keep a crowd from gathering at the Klingenberg Cemetery in Germany. The onlookers did not come to witness a burial; they were there to watch two men dig up the grave […]

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5 More Forgotten Horror Subgenres in Need of a Comeback!

Last week, I discussed five forgotten horror subgenres that I wished would make a comeback. (Check out the first list here.) Through online discussion and reader feedback, I discovered another 5 horror subgenres that are sadly underrepresented in today’s genre market. Love kickass heavy metal flicks or giant alligators? Read on, my like-minded brethren. Here […]

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Holiday Hell-Hordes Invade Universal Halloween Horror Nights’ KRAMPUS Maze!

Even before the Krampus Kraze swept the US, I was professing my love for the original Christmas demon, Santa’s “bad cop” partner who punishes naughty boys and girls in truly horrific ways. It was nice to be ahead of the curve on that one, but especially rewarding to see Krampus-themed merchandise and other goodies becoming […]

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Living With a Demon Dog? This Japanese Shrine Offers Canine Exorcisms

We’ve all had pets that act like they’re under the influence of diabolical forces; hell, sometimes they even seem like tiny demons themselves. But until now, there wasn’t a whole lot we puny humans could do about it. That all changed recently, when the Japanese pet spa D+ Kirishima added “Dog Exorcism Plans” to their […]

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The 10 Most Terrifying Native American Legends

In nearly all cultures, myths and legends can serve as cautionary tales, keeping one foot in practical reality and the other in the realm of the supernatural… and it’s no surprise that the most effective cautionary tales are also the scariest. The ancient lore of the indigenous peoples of North America are as varied and […]

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10 Franchises We’d Love To See As Comic Books

Growing up, my two greatest loves were horror movies and comic books. So when Marvel very briefly flirted with doing a series based on A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, it was nirvana for me! (Read all about it here.) Although cancelled after 2 issues, other comic companies in the early 90’s picked up the mantle […]


Eight Important Lessons I Learned From Watching GHOULIES II

Most horror fans would agree that GREMLINS and CRITTERS are among the most beloved pint-sized puppet monsters to ever grace the big screen. While I love those movies along with some of the sequels, I’ve always been a big fan of their often overlooked counterparts, the GHOULIES, as well. For starters, GHOULIES has the best name […]