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Is DEEP BLUE SEA 2 Finally Shooting?

For those of you that have a special place in your heart for “shark” films or “sharkspoiltation,” you no doubt hold Renny Harlin’s 1999 flick DEEP BLUE SEA in extremely high regard. Sure, some of the CGI sharks are ridiculous, but there’s some incredible animatronic sharks in the movie, and it’s truly a fun ride, […]

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We Had A Terrifying “Shark Encounter” In Virtual Reality With Playstation 4 VR!

Even if you’re a casual reader of my stuff here on the site, you may have gotten wind of the fact that I’m a huge advocate of the home 3D experience. I’ve written recommendations of 3D Blu-Ray titles here, here, here, and here. For my money, it’s just a better, more satisfying experience watching 3D […]


The Art Of Japanese JAWSpoiltation

Steven Spielberg’s JAWS is not only a classic that spawned countless rip-offs, but it also has one of the most iconic movie poster designs of all time. The visual of a peaceful female swimmer just moments away from being devoured by a giant shark has been burned into audience’s heads for years. The recent trend of […]