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This Artist Is Turning Song Titles Into Epic Looking Horror Novels!

This is awesome! Courtesy of the wonderful world of Instagram, our own Ryan Turek turned me onto the work of artist Butcher Billy. One of the fun things Butcher Billy does is take famous, well-known pop songs and turn them into the titles of vintage horror novels. I mean, as a kid, I used to […]


The Top 10 Dean Koontz Novels

When it comes to household names in literary horror, the list pretty much begins and ends with Stephen King. This is a shame for so many reasons, but one of the biggest is that it gives short shrift to Dean Koontz, a King contemporary who is just as dizzyingly prolific. Since he began his career […]


Slashback! Something Not Quite Human is Waiting in THE FUNHOUSE (1981)

While horror maestro Tobe Hooper never managed to top the groundbreaking brilliance of THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE or the box-office success of 1982’s POLTERGEIST, I think he deserves far more acclaim than he gets for the films he made in the interim: 1977’s EATEN ALIVE, which retains the backwoods sleaziness of its predecessor while […]