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Quintessential Vinyl: The Howard Shore Scores for David Croneberg

One of the advantages of being a writer and getting the opportunity to work from home, primarily, is that I have access to my entire record collection. For me, there’s nothing more comforting or soothing than writing while the scores to some of my favorite films spin in the background. And with the vinyl craze on […]


We Chat With SCREAM FACTORY’s Jeff Nelson About Their Recently Announced Comic-Con Slate!

Like a lot of you out there, we here at are huge fans of what the fine folks at Scream Factory do. And one of the best things about the annual San Diego Comic-Con is that we can expect them to announce a huge batch of titles to get us through the remainder of the […]


Five Horror Movies That Deserve the Criterion Treatment

In the world of home video distribution, there is The Criterion Collection and then there is everyone else. The venerable institution has helped define the very concept of a special edition, with groundbreaking LaserDiscs (remember those?) that solidified the commentary track as the most indispensable special feature, and helped elaborate on the artistic process of […]

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The Real Life Story Behind the Movie DEAD RINGERS

David Cronenberg’s film DEAD RINGERS centers on twin gynecologists, who use their identical nature to seduce women into unwittingly falling for both of them. Alpha twin Elliot is the first to seduce, then once he has tired of a woman, he passes her on to his more demure and shy brother Beverly. All the while […]

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13 Oscar-Worthy Horror Movies

The Oscars have a long and storied history of ignoring so-called “genre movies,” and even though they made one hell of an exception this year – nominating George Miller’s post-apocalyptic car chase thriller MAD MAX: FURY ROAD for a whopping ten Academy Awards, including Best Picture – that streak still more-or-less stands. Especially for the […]