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5 Reasons We Aren’t Seeing a lot of Creepypasta Movies

Last month at Phoenix ComicCon I was part of a panel that discussed “the future of horror media”. We chatted about trends, popular sub-genres, and what type of movements we think will explode next. At the end, we opened it up to audience questions. One of the first questions asked was “Why are Creepypastas not […]

Real Life Scares Scary Fun 

The Unsolved Mystery of THE SIMPSONS’ Infamous “Dead Bart” Episode

If you’ve been staying on top of our creepypasta coverage (if not, you can catch up quick with our list of the Ten Creepiest Creepypastas), then you’ve probably noticed how many of these nightmarish viral legends revolve around allegedly “lost” episodes or missing footage from children’s TV shows. While many stories concern strange and obscure shows […]