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5 Things We Love About The WAXWORK Blu-Ray!

Ever since Blu-Ray won the war as the dominant high definition format over the almost completely forgotten HD DVD, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the upgrade for Anthony Hickox’s 1988 cult classic horror mash up, WAXWORK. It was one of those titles that I rented repeatedly on VHS and was just absolutely in love with. Throwing […]


Who Was The Coolest Of The WAXWORK Monsters?

Yesterday, we took a look at director Anthony Hickox’s 1988 cult classic VHS hit WAXWORK, and hypothetically discussed the best way to remake it, if the stars had aligned and the timing was right during the golden era of New Line Cinema’s “House Of Horrors.” It’s unlikely that it’d ever happen, but it did put […]


6 Horror Titles We Need On Blu-Ray

We live in glorious times, my friends. At this point, with the advent of the Blu-Ray format, giant high def, 3-D TVs, quality speakers, etc. – it’s fairly common to have a home set-up that rivals that of your local movie theater. And for the most part, all of our favorite horror classics have been […]