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Discussing The Art of The Horror Short With LIGHTS OUT Director David Sandberg!

In episode 40 of Shock Waves, join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane, Rebekah McKendry and Ryan Turek as they catch up on all the latest horrors! First up, the gang discuss the sudden rise in horror themed board games! Ryan reports back on A CURE FOR WELLNESS, the new POPCORN Blu-Ray and DEMON KNIGHT. […]


The ANNABELLE 2 Announcement Teaser Is Here… And It’s Creepy

If you’re terrified of creepy dolls, well you may want to steer clear of your local cineplex come next March. Warner Brothers Pictures has just released the announcement teaser for ANNABELLE 2, this time helmed by director David Sanberg (LIGHTS OUT)! Have a look below: ANNABELLE 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on March 19th, […]


Check Out The Terrifying Trailer For LIGHTS OUT!

Remember that really creepy short film titled “LIGHTS OUT?” If not, head back to this article and check it out. James Wan was also impressed with that short and is now producing the feature length version for director¬†David F. Sandberg, who helms from a script by¬†Eric Heisserer. The first official trailer just premiered both at […]