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Do You Have A Love/Hate Relationship With THE WALKING DEAD?

This past Sunday, after a brief mid-season break, THE WALKING DEAD resumed it’s seventh season with episode 9 “Rock In The Road,” once again helmed by the great Greg Nicotero, and as usual, most of us horror lovers tuned in to watch. Mid-way through the episode, my roommate turned to me, and said/asked, “this sucks, […]


10 Reasons Season 7 of The Walking Dead Has Been Absolutely Terrible

Two years ago I was prepared to declare, that with a few more remarkable seasons, AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD would deserve to be recognized as one of the greatest television series’ in history. Then along came the uneven season six with the sketchiest cliffhanger we’ve seen, and season seven feels like it’s going through the […]

Scary Fun Toys 

New York Comic-Con 2015: The Coolest Exclusive Horror Toys!

It seems like very few weekends go by where Wizard World isn’t hosting a Comic-Con somewhere in the country, but the two big ones are undoubtedly San Diego Comic-Con, in the summer, and New York Comic-Con, in the fall. This past weekend, thousands of fans packed into New York’s Javits Center to take in the […]