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The Strange And Myserious Sounds In The Sky

Imagine yourself in a deep sleep. You’re warm and cozy in your bed, the night is peaceful and quiet. Suddenly, you’re abruptly awakened by a piercing, screeching sound. In your stupor, you pull yourself out of your pillow-paradise, thinking the worst is happening. Then, you realize that the earsplitting shrieks aren’t coming from inside of […]


5 Reasons You Need To Check Out HOLIDAYS!

I love horror anthologies. Always have. Maybe it’s in part because I grew up with a great appreciation for short form horror entertainment via TV shows such as THE TWILIGHT ZONE, AMAZING STORIES, TALES FROM THE CRYPT, etc. Or maybe there’s just something magical about sitting down and being treated to some bite-size thrills that […]


5 SciFi Horrors on Netflix that Will F*** with Your Brain!

Netflix has got some fantastically creepy sci-fi/horror titles currently available for streaming, many of them falling into the popular trend of “low-fi sci-fi”. These films tend to be much smaller in scope than the lavish sci-fi films of the 80s, but they are often total mind fucks! Check out our list below, and hold onto […]

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5 Terrifyingly Scary Flicks Now Streaming on Netflix Instant!

Halloween is almost upon us, and this week we curated a list of the 5 supremely scary films currently streaming on Netflix Instant. Be warned.  Be you into aliens, ghosts, or torture- these selections bite back! THE BABADOOK (2014)- THE BABADOOK topped endless “best of the year” lists for 2014. If you have not yet seen […]