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Ready To SCORE? Check Out The Trailer To The Upcoming Soundtrack Movie!

If you’re a frequent visitor here on the website, then you know how much I love movie soundtracks. We’re currently living through an incredible vinyl resurgence with movie soundtracks at the forefront, getting the respect and recognition that I’ve always thought they deserved, and now composers are starting to get the rock star treatment too! […]

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Remembering the Many Strange Spin-Offs of TALES FROM THE CRYPT!

Let us all fondly remember the time when TALES FROM THE CRYPT dominated the horror landscape like a hedonistic pagan god. It sat on its mighty throne of pop culture skulls, feasting on mutton, providing for the gore-thirsty populace the most visible and accepted outlet for blood-soaked horror. For a few years in the early […]


The Bizarre Cult Hit FORBIDDEN ZONE Gets a Snazzy Blu-ray Release

Welcome to the 6th Dimension, a strange world full of frog-headed butlers, topless folks, mesmerizing visuals blended with unusual animation, and Oingo Boingo is there as well! You have just entered FORBIDDEN ZONE… now available on “ultimate” Blu-ray from MVD! Based on the Oingo Boingo stage show, the FORBIDDEN ZONE box cover used to captivate me […]